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readthesubtext's Journal

Read The Subtext
26 November 1983
Gem. 31. Fic writer who dabbles in some no-frills vidding. I like to analyse the finer points of my favourite shows; which means I offer up squeeful recaps when things are going well, and snarky commentaries when they're not.

I can usually be found worshipping at the altar of kick-ass female leads, and I have an eternal weakness for bad-ass brunettes - especially if they have the gift of the gay. I may be a misanthrope, but I have a hopeless romantic streak, and Rachel/Cassie and Claudia Joy/Denise are my much-loved ships of the moment. Needless to say, I live for lesbian subtext.

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addison montgomery, alex/nikita, alicia florrick, alicia/kalinda, alicia/will, allison argent, allison/kate, amy brenneman, amy gray, angelina jolie, army wives, bad girls, bette porter, betty mcrae, betty/gladys, bo, bo/kenzi, bomb girls, brenda leigh johnson, brenda/sharon, carol-lynne cunningham, carol-lynne/maureen, cassandra july, catherine bell, chicago fire, cindy/lindsay, claudia joy holden, claudia joy/denise, coach taylor, dance movies, denise sherwood, emily prentiss, eric taylor, eric/tami, femslash, friday night lights, gabriela dawson, gia, gia/linda, gilmore girls, grace hanadarko, grace/rhetta, grey's anatomy, helen stewart, helen/nikki, huff, idgie/ruth, idina menzel, jane rizzoli, jane/maura, jennifer beals, jennifer connelly, judging amy, julyberry, kalinda sharma, karen/ivy, kate argent, kate hudson, kenzi, kick-ass female leads, kim delaney, kyra sedgwick, landry clarke, laura benanti, lauren german, leslie shay, lindsay boxer, lindsay/cindy, lorelai gilmore, lost girl, lyndsy fonseca, maggie q, marti perkins, marti/savannah, maura isles, maureen/carol-lynne, maxine gray, miranda bailey, monica raymund, nikita, nikita/alex, paget brewster, payson keeler, rachel/cassandra, rizzoli & isles, rizzoli/isles, roxy leblanc, sandra bullock, sasha alexander, sharon raydor, shawson, smash, stiles stilinski, stiles/derek, sugar rush, tami taylor, tami/eric, teen wolf, the closer, the good wife, the l word, the playboy club, the shield, this life, tyra collette, tyra/landry, tyra/lyla, tyra/tami, wire in the blood, women's murder club, xena/gabrielle, xena: warrior princess